4 Firestop Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Firestop Project

Fires of any size can wreak havoc on commercial and industrial spaces. They put the safety of workers at risk and cause permanent damage and destruction to your machinery. Smoke is an even greater threat than the flames themselves. Smoke and toxic gases make up 50-80% of all fire-related deaths. As commercial and industrial spaces work diligently to mitigate the risk of fire damage, their design  must also include precautionary measures to stop the spread of smoke.

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3 Types of Insulation for Fireproofing and Methods of Installation

Commercial and industrial spaces of all sizes are susceptible to fires. Combustible dust, flammable liquids and gases and hot work equipment (heating, burning, soldering) are cause for concern. Workplaces that do not take the proper fireproofing precautions put their workers at risk. 

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