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3 Benefits of Elastomeric Insulation

Fiberglass, Foamglas, perlite, phenolic foam ... and elastomeric insulation? Elastomeric foam insulation was developed in the 1950s as a synthetic alternative to natural insulation materials such as cork. The polymer-based insulating material has become popular over the years to protect the inner workings of buildings. Let’s dig into elastomeric insulation and its many uses across industries.

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Mechanical Insulation 101

Properly insulating the systems in your building — from piping to heating or cooling systems — is essential to keep the proverbial wheels spinning so you stay productive. Mechanical insulation systems are no exception, improving efficiency and cost savings. 

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How Is R-Value Calculated?

As you take on your next major project, you’ll want to know that the insulation you’re using is the best fit for the job. One of the most effective strategies for measuring an insulation’s overall performance is to calculate its R-value. 

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Design Considerations for Insulating Chilled Water Systems

Proper insulation keeps components and systems working effectively over time and mitigates risks everywhere, from inside your walls to within your ductwork. Chilled water systems need adequate insulation, too, protecting them so they can effectively execute cooling functions.  

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3 Types of Insulation for Fireproofing and Methods of Installation

Commercial and industrial spaces of all sizes are susceptible to fires. Combustible dust, flammable liquids and gases and hot work equipment (heating, burning, soldering) are cause for concern. Workplaces that do not take the proper fireproofing precautions put their workers at risk. 

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How to Pick the Right Thermal Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is not the same across the board, with many choices available. It only performs its best when applied correctly, which includes using the right material for the right project. 

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Everything You Should Know About Fiberglass Tape


Blankets, boards, wraps ... In the wide world of insulation solutions, you have seemingly endless options to choose from. Fiberglass tape is one more material designed for specific uses — especially throughout construction, automotive, marine and electrical industries — and it might be the best fit for your project. Discover what fiberglass tape is and how it’s used, and get pointers on how to install it correctly from the pros at Distribution International.

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Navigating Supply Chain Challenges

Late deliveries, product shortages and a lack of qualified labor. If there is one topic consumers and professionals alike are well aware of right now, it is the difficulty of navigating the challenges in our global supply chains. But it is also difficult to fully understand everything that has led to the current situation, much less how to adapt to it. 

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Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Insulation Blankets

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You want your building to run at peak performance every day, and that includes the mechanical systems at work inside and outside of it. Insulation should protect your pipes, equipment and other mechanical components, but it can become compromised — so you should spend a little time thinking about insulation blankets. 

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